Sunday, March 18, 2012

Pep Talk: "Truth versus Fiction"

It’s an absolutely gorgeous Centennial State Saturday. It’s St. Patrick’s Day. Considering I’m the offspring of a Perry woman and McIntosh man and it’s past noon in my home state of Missouri, a beer is cracked.

While Kansas State and Syracuse battled it out in second-round NCAA tournament action, I had been chatting with a friend. We talk often and share much in common, including occasional frustration. On this day the frustrating topic focused on what appears to make perfect sense: Making it an obligation people speak the truth. That concept is being resisted around a pending bill in the Colorado legislature. It’s a topic for another day, but doesn’t it make sense that individuals testifying, in committee meetings, before policy makers should tell the truth so women and men elected to represent us and the common good - please hold the chuckles at that thought - pass policy based upon truth, not fiction?

Please tell me the answer to that question is yes!

But hey, let’s be honest, sometimes in life the truth is too painful to bear, right? So we make stuff up. We have all done it, right? The transgressions range from minor to major but we’ve all had those moments in life when, because truth is too painful to bear, we choose a fictional course and usually skid off the path and crash - eventually.

And then that’s where life gets interesting doesn’t it? After the crash, while in the repair shop for physical, emotional or financial damage, the question becomes, “How will we emerge” from repairs? Perhaps another question should be, “Will we even seek repairs or just throw in the towel?” Please seek the former, K? If there’s anything Victory Productions can do in that area, please let us know.

Anyway, we all know this is true. Life will take us on a roller coaster ride making the world’s best twister seem like a limousine ride. For the record, according to teenage daughter, who had just awakened from a good night’s rest while yours truly is sitting at the kitchen counter writing, the Mind Eraser is the best roller coaster at Denver’s Elitch Gardens. The volleyball standout says it’s “fast, long and twists and turns a lot.” Back to the story, when life has us wondering, “What the heck is going on around here?” will we ask ourselves a critical question: “What is truth and what is fiction?”

If we don’t deal with the truth about our relationships, health, finances or whatever else ails us, how in the heck do we expect to turn those lemons - heck with lemonade - into sweet and savory margaritas? Without a foundation to the situation’s reality, how in the world can we bounce back and play like champions - home, work and elsewhere?

I know, simple not easy. But few things in life, truly meaningful, are easily accomplished, right? Help me out here, why is it moments in life when we have poured every ounce of energy into an endeavor, and achieved success, are the one’s permeating our marrow? I’m just a simple dude from Missouri but it seems to me it’s because those moments carry great value for exposing our potential. We have faced the storm, survived, rebuilt and became stronger from the experience. As my good buddy Bill McCartney would say, “Now THAT’S what I’m talking about!”

It all starts with separating truth from fiction. The venues may change but the strategy is always the same. When dealing with challenging times we start with the truth and decide to be a student, not victim of the experience; connect with like-minded folks and encourage one another to put fear aside and allow wonderment to win in overcoming whatever ails us; finally we make sure our effort honors, nurtures and adds value to communities served wherever roaming.

Truth versus fiction. Rarely is there a time when it’s appropriate to choose the latter, not former. The recently-awakened 15-year-old princess noticed my half-empty beer on the counter and queries: “Dad, you’re drinking at 12:30 in the afternoon?”

You bet sweetie. When it comes to truth versus fiction, I’ll toast to that any day, time or place. “Bartender, another round for everybody!” I hope you agree, at least about the truth versus fiction. Have a great week!

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