Sunday, June 3, 2012

Pep Talk: "Desire More Pudding"

It’s a Saturday afternoon, storm clouds brew over the Mile High City and humble correspondent’s perched on Poor Man’s Porch. Oldies’ music plays in the background, Dance With Me from Orleans the current song. For the record it reached, back in 1974, #6 on the billboard charts and stayed there for 18 weeks.
My mind wanders to the day before and the weekly meeting of a bunch of knuckleheads. We gather each Friday morning around eight, except for the Cuban dude, and challenge one another to play like champions in the game of life from a foundation rooted in faith.
One of the guys is fiery. Think Earl Weaver, Hall of Fame manager from the great Baltimore Orioles’ teams of years past. Anyway, this brother from another mother, was sharing with the group about a moment long ago that, at least my opinion, resonates with the truth and benefit of having desirable goals.
Yea, having desirable goals in endeavors, expected or unexpected, life brings our way. I’ve always like that word, desirable. Oxford defines it as: advisable, worth doing.
Now, back to the story. This buddy of mine on a Friday morning is sharing a moment from long ago. He was a 19-year-old young man assigned to visit an aged woman in the hospital. He walked into the woman’s room and noticed she’s sleeping. The youngster, a greenhorn pastor, didn’t know the woman was comatose, not asleep. He prayed she awaken.
She did.
The woman, who had been unconscious for about three days, was hungry. A nurse had left some food, before this young man entered the room, for the patient, just in case. Woman awakens, young man visiting, feeds her. Then she slips back into sleep, or coma. Nurse walks in and accuses visitor of eating the woman’s food. He protests, “No, she woke up and was hungry. I fed her.”
About that time, the woman awakens again, startling the suspicious nurse. “I want more pudding” proclaims this human being teetering on the brink of life and death. She slipped back into unconsciousness and never awakened again before passing.
The point is this: try like heck, despite the obstacles life throws our way making it damn tough, to consistently have desire - advisable and worth doing - to turn life’s lemons, heck with lemonade into sweet and savory margaritas. Life is tough but keep fighting. This woman, until almost her final breath, desired to live. She wanted more pudding!
Where might it be time for us to exhibit such desire? Maybe it’s at home, work or elsewhere? Where is it time to take a stand and finally make positive steps toward achieving a goal advisable and worth doing? Where is it time to want more pudding?
You know the answer to that question. The question becomes, what will you do with that information? Good luck acting on that knowledge in ways that honor, nurture and add value to the communities you serve.
Have a good week!

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