Sunday, August 5, 2012

Pep Talk: "Eyes, Ears and Hearts"

Little did I know so much wisdom could permeate skull while getting a hair cut. But hey, as my philosophical mother loves to suggest, “A blind sow finds an acorn occasionally.” Well, this little piggy went to market big time recently.
The other day while getting the monthly trim of a thinning herd of hair, the wonderful single-parent woman shearing a simple dude from Missouri’s locks was talking about her darling sons. There’s a picture of the two handsome guys, around 10 and 8 respectively, under glass in her workspace for all to see.
This is a busy entrepreneur who works long hours and it made me wonder, “Who watches the kids while you’re working?” She paused from her labor and responded, “I’m lucky to have my mom and dad watch the kids. I cherish the fact my kids have a safe and nurturing environment when I’m not around.”
We covered many other topics in the 45 minutes spent together. I don’t recall many. What has burned white-hot since was something the talented stylist muttered about the, via high-character family members, ideal child-care arrangement. “To care for another with our eyes, ears and hearts is never a bad thing.”
Amen to that sister.
Can you imagine? If this week, three of our most powerful influencers - eyes, ears and hearts - were tuned to caring for others? Could it make a difference in our lives and the lives of others? I would say, damn right it would! I know, easy to talk about, not so easy to execute, right? Life, with all of its challenges, tries to pull us in many directions and complicate that mission of caring for others through what’s observed, heard or sensed.
Let’s make a vow this week that our respective reticular activating systems shall be placed on high alert. For instance, personally, heart says it’s time to connect with a friend battling brain cancer; eyes, while watching an aging neighbor slowly trudge for the morning paper, focus on reminding this wonderful woman and widow, who spent time in an internment camp during World War II, that once Centennial State snow starts flying in a few months, friends on the block will shovel her walk; ears, well ear, since I’m deaf in one of them, from conversations, news broadcasts and meetings, registers calls of opportunity to serve others in healthy and productive fashion.
The question becomes, what will we do with the signals being sent via eyes, ears and hearts? Will we dismiss, despite the vibration of what Emerson called, “the iron string within” because, “We’re too busy?” Or perhaps, can we muster resolve this week to realize the value in never growing weary of doing good things for each other? Can we prioritize in a way allowing what eyes, ears and hearts are transmitting to burrow deep into our souls and, then, manifest in our actions - home, work and elsewhere?
The scalp massage - ain’t they great? - and hair cut ended. I departed the shop with a reshaped noggin, exterior and interior. The exterior makeover will last but a month or so. What about the interior reminder of the value in caring for others with eyes, ears and hearts? It ain’t easy but I’m gonna try like heck, and invite you to do the same, to ensure it lasts a lifetime.
Have a good week!

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