Sunday, April 21, 2013

Pep Talk: "Miracle Factor?"

It doesn’t happen often. However, there are times when something crashes into cranium with great force. The impact induces a pause in the action.

The latest occurrence happened Friday evening while trying to not be a nuisance. I was sitting at home in pajamas. Darling fiancee out of town on company gig. It might have been a tad early, 6:30pm, but body and mind were a tad weary. I was settling down for Rockies baseball. A beer, newspaper and remote at the ready. Mellowed out.

A story in the morning’s Denver Post knocked me back in my chair with greater force than Carlos Gonzalez crushing a fastball over the wall. It spoke to the power of love.

Remember the tragic story a while back? A troubled 23-year-old Denver woman shot her three young children then turned the gun on herself. Terrible. Mom and two of the kids died. Three-year-old Isabella somehow, someway, was spared.

The initial prognosis was not good. Most doctors didn’t believe the middle child in the sibling trio would survive the shotgun wounds to her head. There are exceptions to every rule, right? Here’s proof.

“When everything happened, we heard nothing good,” said grandma Alma Bernal to the Post.  “Sad things like ‘If she makes it.’ If, if, if all the time. The first week I got here from New Mexico I was afraid I’d lose her too.” 

Wow. Can you imagine that family’s sorrow? A mother, six-year-old daughter and two-year-old son are dead. A lone survivor facing long odds for life. Take your pick on how you want to explain what follows. Doctors, nurses and others caring for this warrior told the Post reporter it’s a miracle. 

Shot in the head in early February, a dire initial prognosis and then, less than three months later, Isabella’s released from the hospital. Out of the hospital and heading south to a new start in New Mexico with her father, Grandma Bernal and other family. 

The road ahead is challenging. Isabel, despite the head injuries, can speak, move her arms and sit unassisted. She can’t walk yet but doctors say there’s a good chance that will change down the road. Recovery will take years, physically and emotionally. This young girl seems to have the spirit for the journey.

Here’s what burrowed into the marrow. A comment from a doctor who spent much time with the young girl and her family: “She was a complete delight. A sweetheart of a girl,” said the doctor. “You can really feel the love from her family. I think that so much drives this degree of recovery.”

The love of family, according to the physician, drove this degree of recovery. Some would call that a miracle, a dear friend would call it a fluke and others would offer other explanations. Who cares what you call it.

I think it speaks to the power of love. It speaks to the power of perseverance. It speaks to the power of prayer. It speaks to trying like heck to keep a positive attitude about the crap that comes our way. Always at the worst damn time.

Stuff happens. This we know. Rarely will it be as dramatic as what surrounds Isabella. But it sounds like those around her decided to make the best of it and love on her something fierce and, ya know, “See what happens.” A family in mourning for the madness eliminating three lives, finding the courage and strength to remain strong in its support of this darling angel. 

What about us? No doubt, most have something going on right now. It might be a physical, emotional or financial challenge. How will we react? We will take a cue from Isabella’s family and rise above the fray?

It’s real easy to talk about the correct response. Far more difficult to execute. We’re human. That’s why it’s so darn important to keep rallying with others. We encourage one another to effectively deal with life’s unexpected and unwanted twists and turns. We’re present for one another in the tough times.

Blasts in Boston and central Texas had dominated the news of late. The bad guys in Boston, respectively, dead and captured. In the Lone Star State, cause still unknown why fertilizer plant blew to smithereens. Mellow and somber mood. Then along came a baseball game, cold beer and a story. Each soothing. The latter, to the soul. 

It also brought this truth into an aging jock’s mind: Let’s never underestimate the power of encouraging words for others and ourselves. Who knows, they might be a major factor in a miracle.

What the heck. Try it this week. It just might work.

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