Sunday, March 1, 2015

"Folks Who Inspire: Angie!"

It’s a bitterly cold final day of February in the Mile High City. Billy Joel’s on in the background while this knucklehead is communicating with others via email. Hunkered down.

One of the emails was to an incredible woman involved with A Stronger Cord. She is the leader of its attempt to coax women in the Denver Rescue Mission’s STAR program to give our workouts a shot. Ya know, that call to “Cast fear aside and allow wonderment to win” moments in life.

The email being sent was in thanks this spiritual warrior for creating a flyer to hand out to folks wanting to learn more about this movement. ASC’s mission is to unite isolated folks with fitness-minded, dependable and productive Americans to sweat, bond and grow in a group workout. The testimonials emerging have been incredible. We thank everybody for your moral and financial support!

Anyway, back to the story. It’s a Saturday noontime, darling wife has scooted off to the grocery and I’m trying to mind my own business in the basement. I’m feelin’ kinda warm and fuzzy about things. I love send emails saying “Thanks!” Just me. Giving credit where credit is due to another human for their wonderful contribution to ASC’s mission. Feels good.

The Knuckleheads of ASC are trying to encourage Americans to sample a movement to become more fitness-minded, dependable and productive folks who seek a stronger cord to families, jobs and communities. Anybody got a better idea?

The email’s text concluded with, “admiring the spirit and appreciating the talents” of the recipient. I paused before clicking to send. Began to marinate a bit on “admire spirit” and “appreciate talents.”

Can you imagine? If we all, when others are asked of us, would have someone respond, “I admire that person’s spirit and respect their talents.” Wow. Holy smokes. Just me, but it seems there’s too many of us in a world removed from “admiring another’s spirit and appreciating another’s talents.” Perhaps we’re too divided?

In addition, it seems for us to get to the level on “admiring another’s spirit and appreciating another’s talents” it would be wise to spend a little more time together. Ya know, bond. I was on an elevator the other day when a dude entered while yakking on the phone. He never even looked over. I was ready to grin at him but never got the chance.

Too admire others’ spirit and appreciate their talents takes an investment in time and energy. America, are we ready to at least try? We’d love to see you at an ASC workout soon. Workout schedule is on ASC website, This much is guaranteed. You’ll get in better shape, build new relationships and participate in community service. 

And meet incredible folks like Angie, who inspire me, and let’s hope you, to live a life where tombstone talk of us centers on admiring our spirit and appreciating our talents.

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