Sunday, July 22, 2012

Pep Talk: "Of Dire Need"

It was not a typical Saturday morning in the Mile High City. No, it was a little more than 24 hours since horror filled the air inside an Aurora, Colorado movie theatre as a 24-year-old, with no regard for human life, shot 71 people, 12 of them mortally.
So while precious princess drives toward a busy weekend of driver’s education classes, I’m sitting in the passenger seat reading the paper. Actually, at this moment it was impossible to read because of the tears blurring my eyes. Three pictures in the Denver Post stirred such emotion. Two display anguish. One from a father who lost a son and woman who lost a friend. The third photo is of a mother, overwhelmed with joy, hugging a son who was in the theatre but escaped unharmed, at least physically.
My mind wandered back to the day before and our radio show, Drive Time with Mac and Doog. Normally from 3-6pm each weekday on Mile High Sports Radio we talk about sports, not this day. No, the three hours were spent talking about life, and its fragility.
We had two callers who were in the theatre when madness, dressed in full-body battle armor, descended upon an unsuspecting throng gathered to see the premier of Dark Knight Rises. One was a man attending the, in a trilogy, final Superman movie with a sister, who was shot in the leg. Luckily the caller’s sibling was treated and released from a local hospital. The other caller was in the theatre adjacent to the unfolding massacre. He thought, initially,  knuckleheads in the back of his theatre, also showing Dark Knight, were shooting off firecrackers until bullets began flying through the wall separating the two theaters.
So daughter and dad are driving south on Interstate 25 and, while sitting in the passenger seat and reading, I’m struggling with emotions. I’m thinking of those grieving and how tragic a day it was, and will continue to be, for those who lost loved ones. I was also thanking my lucky stars an almost 16-year-old bundle of amazement, I’m proud to call daughter, was not interested in attending the midnight showing. My heart ached in trying to fathom the feelings that must be pervasive within those who hugged a loved one and left them with, “Have a good time at the movie” and now deal with the reality a child, spouse or friend is gone forever.
It’s such a powerful reminder to one of life’s sobering truths: we just never know when an event will radically alter our journey. We see it played out daily with the news of accidents, illnesses and other calamities that confound our imaginations and leave us wondering, “What the heck is going on around here?”
The reminders of this truth are usually not so outlandish, but they exist for each of us. Unexpected, and unwanted, stuff happens. The question becomes, how will we deal with the challenges of picking up the pieces and moving forward in healthy and productive ways? 
This tragedy is also another reminder of another of life’s great truths: we need each other always, but especially in times like this. I just hope and pray that once the dust settles and the pain, if it’s possible, subsides, those directly affected by this tragic moment will realize the great value in rallying around each other in attempting to move past the sadness and anger positioned to dominate the future.
How do we deal with such tragedy? We rally around each other, that’s how. We unite with like-minded folks and encourage - give hope and confidence to - one another that, we can survive and, ultimately, thrive despite the unwanted and unexpected changes life throws our way. The venues may change, but the strategy is the same. We must realize we’re not alone, rally with others of similar experience and, most important, encourage self and everybody else to move forward in ways honoring, nurturing and adding value to the communities we serve.
Tragedies have a way of reminding us to truly count our blessings and cherish each day because, “You just never know.” Thoughts and prayers to the deceased, wounded and witnesses. What they experienced is unimaginable.
Perhaps this Pep Talk comes down to this: life’s uncertainties bring anguish and pain. We know that. Let’s make sure this week one thing is perfectly clear, certain: We will care for one another, especially in time of dire need.

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