Sunday, July 8, 2012

Pep Talk: "The Wisdom of WOHELO"

As an admitted baseball nut, the disastrous 2012 Colorado Rockies’ baseball season has been difficult to watch. The franchise, now in its 20th season, is threatening to produce its most disappointing season and could lose 100 games for the first time. Pure and simple, the Rockies stink.
But as a baseball fan I continue to endure and each weekday on Mac and Doog, this simple dude from Missouri, along with co-host Jimmy Doogan, continues to press for someone from the Rockies’ front office to “fall on the sword” and be held accountable for the losing. One of the bright spots has been outfielder Carlos Gonzalez, the five-tool - run, hit, throw, field and hit with power - standout has made his first All-Star team - you go Cargo.
The other night, while watching the Rockies lose to the St. Louis Cardinals, television announcers Drew Goodman and George Frazier were engaged in a conversation about the all-star voting process. Primarily because of fans voting for their favorite player, regardless of whether they have produced standout statistics, or are injured, it has become a joke. Goodman said something rattling the bones. “Folks have got to realize that players voted to the All-Star team should be deserved.” Amen brother.
That short phrase, “Should be deserved” is what burrowed deep into my brain. What does it mean to be “deserved?” According to Merriam-Webster it means, “Do something, or have, or show, qualities worthy of reward, or punishment.” Life will often - illness, injury, divorce, job loss to name a few - throw moments our way that have us wondering, “What the heck is going on around here?” Those life lemons leaving us bewildered, perplexed and challenged with, “Why me?”
On the other hand, life often produces moments of euphoria, happiness and joy, when perhaps we’re really not that “deserved” of emotional, physical and/or financial reward. They appear nonetheless. Yeah us!
What can we do to be deserved, in healthy and productive ways, home, work and elsewhere? Here’s three ideas courtesy of Luther Gulick, founder of Camp Fire Girls, now known as Camp Fire USA. First, a little background on the Hawaii native who was a pioneer in youth development for our country.
In the late 1880‘s, Gulick, as superintendent of the physical education department at the International YMCA Training School in Springfield, Massachusetts, instructed a peer to devise a winter, indoor, sport for boys. That peer was James Naismith and the sport was basketball. Gulick helped Naismith promote the sport, became an international official and was inducted into basketball’s Hall of Fame in 1959.
But it was 1912 when Gulick, along with wife Charlotte, planted another seed that speaks to this Pep Talk message about “deserved.” By this time, a century ago, Gulick, who studied medicine at New York University, was spreading his message about the importance of physical fitness in schools. 
Furthermore, the couple had become increasingly concerned about the lack of attention to young girls and their development. They watched young boys march off to many a summer camp experience and wondered, “What are we doing for the girls?” Camp Fire Girls was born. The mission was to promote physical fitness and learning experiences for girls designed to empower them to think beyond being a homemaker.
The Gulick’s stressed three things in Camp Fire endeavors. These three rock solid traits, remain the founding principles of an organization, now coeducational, and known as Camp Fire USA to mentor America’s youth: work hard, make healthy choices and show love and respect for self and others.
So there ya go. What can we do this week, in our efforts to be deserved of events honoring, nurturing and adding value to our lives? Well, let’s take a cue from Gulick and work hard, make healthy choices and love and respect each other.
While there is no guarantee of success, what we become in living WOHELO - Camp Fire acronym for work, health and love - will make us deserved of the possibilities.
Have a great week!

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