Sunday, February 28, 2016

Pep Talk: "Big Mac Attack"

“Where I come from we call those things “Big Mac” conversations.” The statement from a visitor to our weekly Friday morning gathering of knuckleheads stimulated a unanimous nodding of the head from dudes assembled around the conference table.

The words flowed from the lips of a dear friend, Chester, visiting from our shared hometown of Kansas City. He’s a smart guy, devoted husband, attentive father and one of those “brothers from another mother” of mine. I love this man dearly. We’ve known each other from our college days at Mizzou.

The successful medical sales pro had spent the night before visiting with the men, women and children who had assembled for our weekly Thursday night A Stronger Cord wellness outreach movement. There the 57-year-old shared thoughts about the importance of relationships and, always, trying like heck, “To take the high road.” Simple, not easy, right?

It has certainly worked for him in a long and successful business career, long and successful tenure as a husband, father and friend. The HUGE Kansas City Royals’ fan credits his father, now 88, for showing him the way with a very simple but highly effective strategy about life: “Hang out with the Positrons, avoid the Negatoids and recruit the Tweeners.”

It’s not as if Chester’s life has been without its struggles. Each hip has been replaced, back and neck issues have led to several surgeries and hamper his mobility. Familial, professional and friend relationships have ebbed and flowed over time, but this man’s spirit about life has never wavered from the teaching of his father. A man I know and respect like heck too. We all would benefit if, especially when aggravated, somehow figuring out a way to, “Take the high road and be a positive influence to those we touch.”

Now back to his comment about “Big Mac” conversations. The devout Missouri Tiger fan was talking about the critical importance of participating in “meaningful adult conversations,” or MAC. To put it another way, addressing the big ol’ elephant sitting in the middle of the room. 

For instance, in running for Colorado House District 6, I’m encouraging everybody to understand we need to have a meaningful adult conversation about having a Constitutional convention to clean up the mess that is the Centennial State’s most important document. I’ll get off my soapbox now. 

When is it time this week to devour a Big Mac? According to Wikipedia, the tasty burger was first introduced by McDonald’s in the Pittsburgh-area almost 50 years ago. It contains more than 500 calories and is high in fat and sodium. Bad for us.

However, when talking about “Big Mac” conversations, it would be very healthy for us to consume all the saturated fats and salt we can handle. Meaningful adult conversations make our lives better at home, work and wherever else we roam. They cost much less than the burger and add great social value.

Feast on Big Macs this week through inquisitive, respectful and constructive adult conversations. An overindulgence there broadens the mind and does no harm to the waistline.

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