Sunday, February 21, 2016

Pep Talk: "Worthy of Attention and Effort"

“I scored my first hat trick right here,” were proud words flowing off my tongue. No, the topic was not hockey. Your scribe never learned to ice skate well enough to brag about such an accomplishment.

No, I was chatting up a friend as we stood in Denver’s Cherry Creek North (CCN) shopping district. I live nearby and frequently cruise through the pedestrian-friendly area looking for Democrats.

I’ve written a bit about running for Colorado’s State House District 6. It’s quite a chore to get on the ballot. This aging jock is trying through petition and needs to gather 1,000 registered Democrat signatures. All from District 6 and before April 4th. The clock is ticking. The persuasive shoes are on.

I was sharing that on a CCN street corner, a rookie politician had won the lottery after running into long-time friends and their daughter. Democrats, registered in the district and willing to sign! A cord of three strands not easily broken. Hat Trick!

It’s been an interesting few weeks. The window to gather signatures opened February 1st. Since then I’ve been walking neighborhoods. The district stretches, north to south, from Colfax to Florida and, west to east from Downing to Havana.

The journey has been an absolute blast. Mother Nature has helped tremendously. Denver’s weather has been fantastic. Canvassing neighborhoods in brilliant sunshine, warm temperatures and the positive hangover of the Broncos’ Super Bowl 50 title? Folks, not exactly torture. 

People are fascinating. My mind wanders to one of the first to open their door and hear the “I’m am empty nester, passionate about serving others and believe I have the skill set to be an effective lawmaker, “ spiel. The message was to Gerry, 92 years young, feisty and eager to tell a story of being a woman who loves to work on cars and root for the Rockies. 

Many folks don’t answer the knock, are too busy, or, upon hearing of the political slant to my appearance, slam the door. There are many (maybe you’re one) quite disappointed with our nation’s political process. At all levels, local, state and national. Count me in that group. We can do better. That’s why I’m running. I have a history of encouraging others to rise up and come up with creative solutions to the challenges before us. I’d like to bring that spirit to public service.

A most heart-warming moment came on one of the final door knocks of a fruitful canvass effort. The evening sun was setting and providing the “Purple Mountain’s Majesty” that makes living in Colorado so special. A friendly middle-aged man had answered his door, signed the petition and said, “Come back in about 30 minutes. My husband will be home and I’m sure he’ll sign too.” 

Progress. A good thing. Whether gathering signatures, who we wed or another slice of life tender to your soul. The pursuit of becoming superior to our former selves. 

Noble and worthy of attention and effort this week!

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